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Linos Winery

SINCE 1825

From 1825, from grandfather to grandson, the Herodotus family with love and passion, produces quality wines. The limestone soil of Mount Afamis, the mild climate of the area, the experience, the expertise, but also the tradition of producing good wines are the A to Z of the LINOS home-made industry. It has been operating under the name Linos since 1986.

The grapes used for wine production are carefully selected and come from our privately owned vineyards in the village of Omodos, which is famous for the ideal and climatic conditions for viticulture. Today the winery produces about 200,000 bottles of wine a year. The primary goal is the quality of production, which is why the winery was awarded in 1999 by the Ministries of Agriculture & Natural Resources and Trade, Industry & Tourism as the best winery with the highest quality wines.

In 2020 and after 4 years of effort, our winery officially started the production of the first blue wine ever in Cyprus, under the name Mediterranean Blu. It is also worth noting that we are the sixth winery in the world to produce blue wine.

Blue wine has white Xynisteri as its base, and does not include any artificial colors, as its emerald color comes from a substance called anthocyanin, found in the skin of red grapes. In addition to enriching the wine with antioxidants, this mixture also creates an aroma and flavor of unique intensity, with a mild aftertaste.

The reward for all this effort came in June 2022. The now beloved Mediterranean Blu won at CYPRUS ESTIA AWARDS 2022 the:
– Golden Award for Best Product Design, and
– Silver Award for Best Alcoholic New Brand/Product

Thank you! And we promise to continue with the same zeal to produce and offer you the best wines.


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