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Leoforos Dimitri Liperty, Omodos, Limassol 4760, Cyprus

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Mediterranean Blu

Spring forward a few years to 2020, and Cyprus has joined the ‘’blue wine” craze.

Linos Winery, situated in Omodos village, have created Cyprus’ first ever Blue Wine after 4 years of effort – Mediterranean Blu. Catching the colour of the Med in a bottle, Mediterranean Blu is made from 99% Xynsteri and 1% pure grape juice. The grape juice being from both Alicante, an Mataro grapes. There is no artificial colours, as it’s gorgeous and vibrant azure colour pigment is found within the skin of the red wine grapes; anthocyanin.

This unique wine is refreshingly sweet, fruity and light at just 12.5% alcohol. Serve chilled to make it a perfect daytime & summer wine. Flavours of berries, raspberries, lychee and citrus. Match the blue of this wine by enjoying it on the beach with friends or poolside on a hot day! For food pairings think light dishes and bites, salads, sushi, and fruits.

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